Proceedings of the Committee for FSDN and the GREX Expert Group in Brussels


On 25/01/2024, we participated in the meeting of the Committee for FSDN (Farm Sustainability Data Network) and the Expert Group for horizontal issues related to the CAP - a subgroup of the Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN), abbreviated as GREX at DG AGRI. The day-long meeting included topics from many diverse areas. We mainly devoted ourselves to the preparation of the FADN transition to the FSDN system. The European Commission has informed us about the procedure for preparing an implementing regulation regarding financial contributions to EU member states for the implementation costs incurred in connection with the setting up of the FSDN. Within the expert group, interesting contributions were presented, from analyzes of the representativeness of FADN data to specific issues related to future data collection in the FSDN system.

Interesting presentations about the organization of the FADN investigation, the possibilities of connecting databases and the expected obstacles that will need to be overcome when building the FSDN were presented by representatives of the Contact Offices of the FADN from Poland, Germany, France and Portugal. (inserted 9/2/2024)

Publication Precision agriculture


The Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with several experts, published a publication on precision agriculture. In the publication, you will find texts on the topic of how precision agriculture is used in plant and animal production, and how it relates to the environment and ecology. Furthermore, what technologies are used in it, and how it can help agricultural holdings to optimize production. Colleague Ing. Martina Döbertová, who is the author of the chapter entitled Positive effects of the introduction of precision agriculture on the company's economy, also contributed to the publication. You can read the publication here. (inserted 8/2/2024)

Defense of the results of IAEI internal projects for the year 2023


On 10 and 11 January 2024, the results of IAEI's internal projects were defended. FADN staff successfully presented the results of four internal projects: Evaluation of the sustainability of agricultural enterprises, Realization prices of production of organic farming enterprises, Transition of FADN to FSDN and Methodology of decomposition of economic results in agriculture using FADN data. Internal projects can be found in the tab Projects. (inserted 12/1/2024)

GREX expert group meeting


Yesterday we participated in the GREX working group for the establishment of the FSDN at the European Commission. During the day-long meeting, the EC's request for the collection of new environmental indicators was presented (especially in the following areas: nutrient use and management, agricultural practices, use of antimicrobial substances and biodiversity). Other variables of an economic and social nature were also proposed. The basic regulation on FSDN was also published in the official gazette on 29/11/2023 (Regulation (EU) 2023/2674) and the current state of the process of preparing the delegated regulation was discussed. (inserted 15/12/2023)

Article "Preliminary results of agricultural holdings for year 2022 based on FADN data"


In the November edition of AGRObase magazine, the article "Preliminary results of agricultural holdings for the year 2022 based on FADN data" was published by the authors Ing. Martina Harvilíková and Ing. Jana Macháčková. The results and changes between 2021 and 2022 are described. You can find the post in the tab Publications. (inserted 30/11/2023)

FADN data for year 2022


Data from the FADN survey for the accounting year 2022 was successfully transmitted to the DG AGRI workplace in Brussels on 28 November 2023. (inserted 30/11/2023)