Article The FADN data network has been operating for twenty years


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of FADN in the Czech Republic, an article was published in the Zemědělec, which introduces the reader to the activities of FADN and takes stock of our 20 years of activity in the Czech Republic. You can read the article here. (inserted 23/05/2024)

219th meeting of the Committee for the FSDN


On May 21, 2024, we participated in the 219th meeting of the Committee for the Farm sustainability data network (FSDN, formerly FADN), which was organized by the European Commission (DG AGRI) in a hybrid form. Two upcoming implementing regulations were discussed. The first regulation regulates the contribution to the setting-up cost of the FSDN for each EU member state, and its approval is planned for the beginning of September. The second regulation contains all the rules linked to the FSDN and comprehensive content of the FSDN farm return. Approval of this regulation is foreseen for the end of September. (inserted 22/05/2024)

20 years of FADN in the Czech Republic


We organized a meeting of colleagues who have been helping us build FADN for a long time at the House of Agricultural Education in Vinohrady. The past and present management of IAEI and the Liaison Agency FADN CZ talked about the past 20 years and also outlined plans for the future. A short evaluation of our long-term cooperation was presented by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, researchers and survey companies. The open discussion also discussed the current situation in agriculture, the possibility of increasing the automation of data collection, but also the sharing and use of already existing data. We thank all 77 participants for spending this festive moments with us. (inserted 17/05/2024)

Press release of the Ministry of Agroculture on FADN


As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of FADN in the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a press release about our activities. In the text, you will learn why FADN data is important not only for Czech agriculture, but also for the EU's Common Agricultural Policy. You can view the press release here. We thank the Ministry for this reminder and appreciation of our work! (inserted 17/05/2024)

The meeting of the FSDN Committee and the Expert Group for the transition to the FSDN


On April 18, 2024, representatives of the Liaison Agency FADN CZ participated in the meeting of the FSDN Committee and the Expert Group for the transition to the FSDN of the European Commission in Brussels. The content of the meeting focused on the open questions to be agreed, complex negotiations continued about new items of the FSDN questionnaire and priorities for data collection. Member States have different conditions of data availability and collection, therefore harmonization at the level of the entire European Union is complicated. (inserted 19/04/2024)

Farmer of 2024


Applications for the 2023 Farmer of the Year competition are open! All legal and organizational types of agricultural enterprises and farms can participate in the competition. The goal of the competition is to make agriculture more visible, to find and in a festive atmosphere to announce and award the best farmers for individual production areas and regions of the Czech Republic. Are you participating in the FADN survey? Then you don't need to provide any additional data. Just register your business on the website here and we will take care of the rest of the administration for you. (inserted 4/3/2024)