FADN database

The FADN database is a basic data source for the presentation of statistical data intended primarily for the public. The information system is based on direct access to the FADN CZ database via an internet browser with the possibility of interactively entering requests for selected and aggregated data from various points of view.

If you are interested in accessing the FADN public database, please send us your initials (first name, last name, contact phone, email and name of the organization where you work/study) via the form at the link below. Thank you

Jaké moduly databáze FADN nabízí?

 FADN CZ internet database 

It is an information system intended for the public allowing parametric selection of data from the FADN database. The system consists of several different modules that are designed for different types of users and have different outputs that they offer.

FADN BASIC module – a basic module for working with selected indicators using predefined tables,

FADN BASIC YEARS module – expands the capabilities of the FADN BASIC module by year-on-year comparative outputs of two or more years,

FADN RESEARCH module – is intended for more demanding users who have the option of selecting different data and creating their own tables and various FADN databases.

FADN FARMER module – for farm owners participating in the FADN survey, offering them the opportunity to compare the results of their business with the aggregated results of a group of similar businesses.

Users of the FADN RESEARCH module also gain access to the BASIC module, users of the FARMER module also have access to the BASIC and RESEARCH modules.

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