Selection of companies for the FADN survey

Based on the FADN farm selection plan, the selection of agricultural farms for data collection is carried out. The goal is to achieve the representativeness of the set of holdings so that it is possible to generalize the results of the survey to the agriculture of the entire Czech Republic, including in terms of production focus and classes of economic size. The compilation of the farm selection plan results from EC legislation and methodologies.

The farm selection plan is drawn up two years in advance. The developed farm selection plan for each EU member state is discussed and approved by the FADN National Committee and then by the FADN Community Committee. When drawing up the FADN CZ farm selection plan, it is based on the data of the Integrated Farm Survey (formerly Farm Structure Survey) provided by the Czech Statistical Office.

The general requirement of the EU methodology is that the smallest non-market economy is excluded, which is the purpose of determining the minimum threshold of the economic size of the enterprise in the FADN investigation. Due to the different situation (number and size of enterprises) in individual EU countries, this limit is set individually for each country. The part of the farm population covered by the FADN survey is supposed to generate at least 90% of the standard production of the country's entire agriculture.

In the Czech Republic, a minimum economic size threshold was used in the years 2004–2008 based on a standard contribution for the payment of 4 ESU (corresponding to EUR 8,000 of standard production according to the new typology methodology), in 2009–2019 a threshold of EUR 8,000 of standard production was set. From 2020, the threshold of the minimum economic size of an agricultural holding to enter the FADN survey is EUR 15,000 of standard production, i.e. the fifth class of economic size.

Scheme of drawing up the FADN holding selection plan