Tutorials and instructions


Instructional videos can be found on the FADN CZ YouTube channel by clicking on the icon on the right.

Instructions for entering the FADN database

   FADN CZ internet database

Jedná se o informační systém určený pro veřejnost umožňující parametrický výběr dat z databáze FADN. Systém se skládá z několika různých modulů, které jsou určeny pro různé typy uživatelů a liší se výstupy, které nabízí.

FADN BASIC module – basic module for working with selected indicators using predefined tables

FADN BASIC YEARS module – expands the capabilities of the FADN BASIC module by year-to-year comparative outputs of two or more years.

FADN RESEARCH module – is intended for more demanding users who have the option of selecting different data and creating their own tables and various FADN databases.

FADN FARMER module – for farm owners participating in the FADN survey, offering them the opportunity to compare the results of their business with the aggregated results of a group of similar businesses.

Users of the FADN RESEARCH module also gain access to the BASIC module, while users of the FARMER module also have access to the BASIC and RESEARCH modules.

 How to register

After selecting the module, choose your username to log into the system, save it and continue filling in other data by selecting the option continue. Save this information and exit the application after choosing to continue.

During the following days, the staff of the Liaison Agency FADN CZ will evaluate the legitimacy of the user's access to the FADN CZ database. In case of a positive evaluation, the user will get an e-mail with the password to the application. From this moment the user has complete access to the database.