An article focused on field production enterprises was published in Zemědělec magazine


The article focusing on field production enterprises was publishedin the magazine Zemědělec. The article introduces the reader to the data of the most numerously represented production focus of the FADN CZ sample survey of economic results in agricultural in the Czechia. Year-to-year comparisions of production, yields and prices were made. The authors are Ing. P. Bílá, PhD., Ing. I. Mlezivová and Ing. L. Vacková. The article is available in the Publications directory. Publications. (inserted 16/09/2023)

FADN to FSDN conversion


On September 15, 2023, we participated in the final conference for the Pilot Project: Conversion of FADN to FSDN (Farm Sustainability Data Network), which was organized in cooperation with the European Commission. The key topics, that should enrich the current FADN, were presented. The inclusion of new indicators will subsequently be discussed and decided by the FADN Committee at the EC, in which all member states are represented. The possibility of using a unified ID and information system in the European Union was also assessed and concluded with a low level of feasibility. The greatest emphasis is placed on ensuring the motivation of agricultural enterprises to participate in the survey. (inserted 15/09/2023)

The article "Precision farming and management"


The article "Precision farming and management" was published in in the professional weekly newspaper Zemědělec. The aim of this contribution is to evaluate the economic indicators of holdings that use precision agriculture systems, compared to holdings that are without these technologies. The analysis was prepared on the basis of data from holdings and farms participating in the FADN survey. The author is Ing. Martina Döbertová. You can find this article in tab Publications. (inserted on 31/08/2023)

Mother Earth festival 2023


From August 24 to 29, we took part in the Mother Earth agrosalon, the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic. Colleague Jindřich Landa was also present at the IAEI stand, representing the Liaison Agency FADN CZ. Both leaflets about FADN and annual publications focused on the economic results of agricultural holdings were available at the stand (inserted on 30/08/2023)

The article "The European Commission will convert FADN into FSDN"


The article "The European Commission will convert FADN into FSDN" was published in the professional weekly newspaper Zemědělec, authored by Martina Harvilíková and Jana Macháčková. In the text, you will learn why the conversion of FADN to FSDN happens and what are its main benefits. You can find this article in tab Publications. (inserted 25/07/2023)

New data on the economy of agricultural holdings in the EU


The latest data on the economy of agricultural businesses in the EU are available on the European Commission's Agri-food data portal. Preliminary data from EU countries from the 2021 FADN survey have been published in the section Farm Economics.

Interactive database on the data portal allows to examine standard FADN results on several economic areas (such as production, costs, subsidies, income, assets). Average data per enterprise are processed for each year, according to the Member State, the production focus of the enterprise and the class of economic size.

Over the last decade, the average net value added of an agricultural holding in the EU has seen an increasing trend, reaching an average value of €48,600 per farm and €29,100 per AWU (Annual Work Unit) in 2021. All production orientations saw an increase compared to 2020 (13.6% on average) with the exception of pigs and poultry. However, pig and poultry farms remain the most profitable sector in the EU, with €43,400 of net value added per AWU.
(inserted 26/6/2023)

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